For safety purposes, in the event of a thunder and/or lightening storm the College Station Middle School facility must be cleared.
Because of this, IF IT IS THUNDERING AND/OR LIGHTENING AS OF 4:00PM CSMS evening practices will be re-routed to the TAMU Rec Center.
If it is only cloudy or raining at 4:00pm and there is no thunder and/or lightning practices WILL NOT be moved.
A couple of notes about bad weather and our practices:
Anytime practices will be moved for thunder and/or lightning we will send a message out using this Remind application.
  • A sign will be posted outside of the CSMS at the curb anytime practice is moved. If you see this sign
please DO NOT drop your child off at the CSMS – there will be no coaches at the pool and your child will not have access to the facility.
  • The CSMS 4:30pm development and novice groups will be moved to the 5:30pm or 6:30pm time slots at the TAMU Rec Center on any night the CSMS is closed due to weather conditions.  (You may come to either practice). 
There will be NO 4:30pm practice any time practice is at the TAMU Rec Center due to weather. When practices are moved to the TAMU Rec Center all of your usual coaches will be there.
  • There will be no make-up sessions for weather related incidents at the CSMS.



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